Are you looking for a gentler, more humane training method to change some unwanted behavior in your companion animal, or perhaps you just want to increase the connection with your pet? TTouch & TLC is dedicated to providing a simple, effective, gentle method of improving your animal's behavior, maintaining their good health and providing a joyful approach to deepening your relationship with your "best friends".

At TTouch & TLC, we look at your animal from an holistic approach. We know that "bad" behavior does not mean a "bad" animal and that the main causes for unwanted behavior are fear and inherent pain. We provide a safe environment to replace fear with trust and to release pain caused by stress, tightness and imbalance. The basis of our philosophy, at TTouch & TLC, is relationship.

Using the TTouch method and our intuitive approach, you will be equipped with the tools for helping your companion animal live happier, healthier, longer lives and for creating relationships of love and cooperation.



Many behavioral issues can arise from physical discomfort or tension held in the body. Undesirable behavior such as hyperactivity, aggression, excessive barking and timidity may be cries for help. 

TTouch is a highly effective training method incorporating touch to change behavior within an
environment of cooperation and respect.

  • improves focus
  • enhances physical and mental balance
  • remains alert but relaxed
  • reduces stress

TTouch Ground ExercisesHEALTH AND WELL-BEING

To keep all of our 4-legged, furry, feathered, scaled and finned companion animals healthy and content, they need fresh food and water, fresh air
and good exercise.

TTouch can enhance the well-being of your pet, accelerate recovery from trauma and aid in the natural healing process for diseases of the body. 

• promotes calmness
• stimulates healing of new and old injuries
• improves mental clarity 




All our animals, not just dogs, are truly our best friends. They accept us for what we are, forgive us beyond what we deserve and are a constant source of comfort and enjoyment.

TTouch deepens that bond between you and your pet by providing a way to give something back to them through touch.

  • develops trust
  • opens up a new avenue for communication

A well-behaved, healthy, happy companion is the desire of every one who shares their life with a dog, cat, horse, bird, turtle or fish. Let TTouch & TLC of Montana help you achieve this goal.

You may wonder just how to get started. There are a number of ways to bring TTouch into your animal's life and that fit your particular situation and your animal's stage of development, condition, learning speed and style. Take a look at our Services and let TTouch & TLC create a plan for you and your companion.