Speaking Engagements

Lecture on Companion AnimalsWhat better way is there to introduce your friends to the philosophy and concepts of the Tellington Touch than to plan a TTouch speaking engagement at you next Pony Club, AKC breed meeting, at a school function or an assisted living facility. Animal lovers of all types enjoy the vast information and stories of how TTouch can benefit every type and species of animal, yes even the human species.  Everyone who has animals can identify with the numerous behavior and physical challenges pet owners face. Attendees always find one or two tips they can apply immediately with great results, just from attending a talk and demonstration.

You can focus on a particular issue, such as dogs pulling on the leash when out walking or horses that buck, and set up a series of topics throughout the year, or you might prefer an overview of the TTouch work that can benefit everyone. A demonstration animal can usually be arranged if this is desired and appropriate space is available. We cater to your interests and needs.

Call early in the year to set up your calendar for a most unusual and enjoyable day or evening that will have attendees looking forward to the next TTouch Talk.


In the fifteen years I've worked in zoos, I've never seen anything like the way animals respond to this method of handling. The TTouch reduces stress and pain, alters negative behavior patterns, and speeds up healing of injuries in animals that haven't responded to other treatments.

– Art Goodrich, San Diego Zookeeper