My Story

Christine and JessieLooking back over my life I see that it was inevitable that I would work with animals. My father was a veterinarian and that was certainly a big influence, but also I was the one in the family bringing home the abandoned dog or injured rabbit. By 8 years of age I shared a horse with my sister and started riding lessons and by 10 had my own horse. At this early age, I felt a deep connection with nature and animal life in particular. I was very content to spend hours upon hours on my horse exploring the rural farmlands of my youth.

High school and college drew me away from my direct contact with pets, but my college studies were strongly focused on Biological Sciences and particularly Behavioral Science with some dreams of becoming a veterinarian as well. That dream was to pass me by as research and clinical laboratory work became my career path and eventually sales and customer service for corporations in the US and abroad.

When my work finally led me to Montana, I decided to make room in my life again for a horse. And what an angel of a horse she was to be. She had been labeled "difficult" and "dangerous" and needed some intense training. They say, "When the student is ready the master appears". As I began the search for someone to help me train my new horse, I had the great fortune to be in the town where Linda Tellington-Jones was about to hold a 6 day Tellington Touch (or TTEAM) clinic. Duchess and I were both transformed. I was on my way to fulfilling a long time dream: working with animals. I had found a line of work that spoke to my passion and filled a much needed service to people looking for help, just as I had, with working with a challenging pet.

Today I am a Certified Practitioner II for Companion Animals and a TTEAM Practitioner. 
I will be honored to work with you and make the acquaintance of you and your animal friends in this wonderful dance together of life.

 Christine Nilsson

Touch & TLC is currently based in the Bozeman, MT. 



The TTouch and TLC Mission

It is my mission through TTouch and TLC to provide the Tellington TTouch method for the care and education of animals to enhance their well being and to promote positive behavioral change through touch. I see this as a service to both humans and people as we learn to honor and respect all of life and give the animals the space to live happy lives in cooperation with humans.