Phone Consultations 

Long Distance with TTouch

When a private session in your home is not possible due to distance or time constraints, the phone consultation may better meet your needs. TTouch is an activity that you perform with your animal with my guidance, so this can also be done over the phone.  

Consultations are in half hour increments with a maximum of 1 hour for a session at a given time. We talk about your expectations and set goals with a few tasks for each session. Diagrams, literature or pictures of the particular TTouches or exercises are sent to you by fax, mail or e-mail to guide you through the touches, strokes and exercises. At our next session, we discuss the results and any questions that have come up. Believe me, you will have questions and much excitement about the progress.

Three sessions are recommended to allow you to feel a level of proficiency doing the touches and for your animal companion to reflect the benefits of the TTouch. Results are often in just a day or two. It's lots of fun and you will be pleasantly surprised at what great results you get with such simple techniques. 

It's that simple. Just place a call to TTouch & TLC for a free evaluation. We will then set up an appointment schedule and get started at your convenience.