Private Sessions 

A one on one TTouch session may be the best first step to introducing TTouch to you and your animal. In most instances, I travel to your home where I can observe your animal companion in the environment where he/she is, most of the time.

The private session is a comfortable way to work with animals who are timid, shy around strangers and also with the high energy, nervous animals who have a difficult time relaxing.

Jellyfish GiggleA session is an hour in length during which time I will make recommendations on a course of bodywork and exercises which will benefit your animal. I then teach you how to do the various touches and activities so that you and your pet can begin to develop a new relationship through touch. Three sessions are recommended and package pricing is available.

Your relationship with your animal can be compared to relating to children. First you need their attention. The TTouches speak to the nervous system of the animal with the result of calming the animal, bringing awareness into the body and helping the animal focus. Now, you are ready to introduce "new information" for behavioral or physical change. I first demonstrate the various touches that are most suitable for your particular situation. Then, working on your pet's body, I introduce these to your pet and show you how to "observe" changes that are taking place. Now it is your turn to try your hand as I coach you on doing the TTouches. 

Leg Circles

The beauty of the TTouch is its simplicity. A little knowledge and the right intention go a long way. Everyone can learn this method and can makes changes in their animal's behavior and well-being. The private session is all about you and your companion friend.

Call for a free assessment of your particular situation and issues facing you and your pet to decide if a private session is what you need.