A Unique and Gentle Approach to the Care and Education of Animals


TTouch is an interactive method of working with animals that offers positive solutions to common behavioral and health related problems. The method is gentle and non-threatening. By honoring the animals where they are in their own stage of learning and providing a safe environment, we introduce them to a realm of new choices and possibilities for change.


The TTouch method originated when Linda Tellington-Jones, accomplished horsewoman and riding instructor, was inspired by her study of the Feldenkrais Method of Functional Integration. Applying this knowledge to horses, she developed the Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method or TTEAM. Seeing the need for a program directed towards the companion animals, in 1994 the first certification program for small animals called TTACT (Tellington Touch Animal Companion Training) began. The work is now know as Tellington TTouch Training.

The Concept

Operating from a position of cooperation vs. domination, the Tellington TTouch Method provides a safe environment for an animal to learn new behavior or heal from traumas or injuries. Based on compassion and respect for our animals, these techniques promote optimal health and behavior by eliminating fear and habitual response.

Like ourselves, animals are better able to assess a situation and make positive choices if they are not in a posture of flight or fright. Through specific touches and body work together with tools and exercises, we open animals to the realm of new choices and possibilities for change.

Making the training non-threatening and fun releases stress and provides encouragement. The experience truly becomes a joyful one as the bond between animal and human deepens.

The Technique

TTouch works on the nervous system through the skin. Through a combination of circular touches, lifts and strokes on the animal's body, an increased state of relaxation and awareness is induced.  With this increased focus and attentiveness, the animal is ready to receive new information about itself and its environment.

With the additional help of tools, such as the "wand" and  "body wrap", an animal can become more connected to parts of its body that have lost feeling or sensitivity, and in turn improve both physical and mental balance.

The confidence course or the "Playground for Higher Learning" adds one more dimension as an animal builds on new feelings of awareness and balance while having fun over obstacles.

The Benefits

TTouch offers positive solutions to common behavioral and health related problems. For a more complete list of specific benefits see Applications.


promotes calmness
stimulates healing of new and old injuries
improves mental clarity
reduces stress


improves focus
enhances both physical and mental balance
animal remains alert but relaxed


releases fears and traumas
reduces aggressiveness
ends nervous behavior