One and Two Day Workshops

For animals who could use the benefits of socialization and learning in a group, workshops can't be beat. The workshop environment is a small, intimate gathering where participants bring their animals. As a group, we work with the issues facing the animals using the TTouch techniques and concepts.

Workshops run in length for 1 or 2 days and the support and interaction of the participants, both human and four-legged cannot be matched.

The TTouch philosophy, foundation and techniques are all covered with constant participation and practice on your own animal. This is where you get to see transformation before your eyes, whether it is for just one day or for two. Many people are convinced they are taking home a different animal than the one they brought to the class. Great connections are also made with the participants as people support each other while making changes in how they perceive their animals and how to work with these wonderful beings. The workshop experience demonstrates the gentle, cooperative foundation of TTouch at its best.

Typical concerns that the Tellington TTouch workshop can address include:

Flat hand exploration

Fears and insecurities                  Problem behavior

Timidity                                           People or animal aggression

Fear of the vet                                 Rearing/bucking

Fear of thunder                                Excessive barking


Performance                                Health

Gait improvements                          Arthritis and aging

Fear of judges                                 Stress

Focus                                              Nervous conditionsDemonstrating leg circles



You can register for workshops either online, go to Register Me and fill out the prelimary information needed to save you a space in a class; or by phone, you can call 406-686-4019. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Host A Workshop

You may also host a workshop with your club or just a group of friends and interested neighbors to be held at a local venue of your choice. Give us a call to arrange dates and locations.